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Mare Sheppard è co-fondatrice di Metanet Software Inc., uno studio di sviluppo indipendente che ha sede a Toronto, in Canada, responsabile degli acclamati N, N+ e N+++. Metanet si propone di rivisitare i grandi giochi del passato e reinventarli da un’inedita prospettiva, creando esperienze ludiche coinvolgenti, innovative, intriganti e, soprattutto, divertenti. Mare trova ispirazione nella cultura della stampa, nel design industriale, nell'architettura e nella moda. Il suo obiettivo è introdurre più idee, creatività e originalità nei giochi per espandere i confini del medium.

Mare Sheppard is one half of Metanet Software Inc., a boutique game developer based in Toronto that produced the acclaimed N, N+ and N++. Metanet is focused on revisiting the great designs of the past and re-evaluating them from a fresh perspective, making games which are engaging, innovative, intriguing and most importantly: fun. Mare finds a lot of inspiration in print, industrial design, architecture and fashion, and her goal is to incorporate more of those ideas into games, and to continue to explore and expand the medium. 


COURSES: GAME CONTEXTS (2018-2019; 2017-2018)

GAME CONTEXTS examines the historical and cultural relevance of play, discusses key characteristics of games, surveys the emergent and interdisciplinary approaches to game design. Particular attention is paid to integrating knowledge and design approaches from other creative fields, such as architecture, fashion design, service design, and contemporary art. Pivotal to the module is the process of helping students develop strategies to explore these approaches for the development and production of their own work. Special attention will be devoted to the evolution of game design as a discipline, and how it interacts with constant changes in design and culture altogether. Each week during the semester, the instructor will introduce and discuss a specific game. Students will be required to play the game and contribute to the discussion. The themes explored in class will subsequently be used for development goals.