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Ben Babbitt è artista e musicista. È l’autore della colonna sonora dell’acclamato videogioco episodico Kentucky Route Zero e del soundtrack del film di debutto di Amanda Kramer, Paris Window. Terminata la scuola superiore, Ben si è iscritto alla School of the Art Institute di Chicago. Le sue produzioni musicali, di genere ambient ed elettronica, hanno ottenuto numerosi riconoscimenti e sono state presentate al V&A Museum di Londra, il Museum of the Moving Image di New York, l’EMP Museum di Seattle e l’Art Institute of Chicago. Il suo approccio alla composizione musicale e al sound design privilegia tanto le sorgenti audio naturali quanto quelle elettroniche. Ben vive e lavora a Los Angeles, in California.

Ben Babbitt is an artist and musician based in Los Angeles. Since 2013, he has provided the music and sound design for the award-winning episodic videogame Kentucky Route Zero, and recently completed the score to Amanda Kramer’s debut feature film Paris Window. As one third of the game studio Cardboard Computer, his work has been exhibited at the V&A Museum in London, the Museum of the Moving Image in NYC, the EMP Museum in Seattle, and the Art Institute of Chicago. His approach to composition and sound design embraces both naturalistic acoustic sound sources and heavily processed digital synthesis as the two ends of a spectrum of possibility.


COURSE: GAME SOUND (2018-2019)

This extended workshop will focus on exploring and reflecting on the process of creating music and sound design for the recently completed episodic game Kentucky Route Zero. I will explore the ways in which my approach evolved across the nearly seven year development period and identify some of the inevitable challenges encountered throughout, while also highlighting some technical and creative strategies that evolved over the course of working on it while placing an emphasis on autodidactic learning and exploration through experimentation and trial and error. In addition, I will attempt to contextualize my approach to sound and music in Kentucky Route Zero within a broader cultural and historical framework that includes sound in film and other media.