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Raigan Burns è un programmatore e game designer con una formazione in informatica, filosofia e studi cinematografici. È l'altra metà di Metanet Software Inc., uno studio indipendente fondato a Toronto, in Canada nel 2001 che ha prodotto le acclamate serie N, N+ e N+++. I suoi giochi puntano a rivisitare i grandi progetti del passato e a reinventarli da una prospettiva inedita, creando esperienze ludiche coinvolgenti, innovative, intriganti e soprattutto divertenti. Le ossessioni di Raigan includono la musica elettronica, il comportamento emergente, il game design sistemico, la riabilitazione del termine roguelike e i gatti.

Raigan Burns is a programmer and game designer with a background in computer science, philosophy, and cinema studies. He is the other half of Metanet Software Inc., a boutique game developer founded in Toronto in 2001 that produced the acclaimed series N, N+, and N++. His games focus on revisiting the great designs of the past and re-evaluating them from a fresh perspective, making games which are engaging, innovative, intriguing and most importantly: fun. Raigan's obsessions include electronic music, emergent behaviour, systemic game design, the rehabilitation of the term roguelike, and cats.


COURSE: GAME LIT (2018-2019)

GAMES LIT is a short course that exposes students to a range of novel game designs and styles in order to develop basic literacy, in terms of both game design and knowledge of the field. A variety of games will be explored via play, guided discussion, and critical analysis. The works covered are exclusively independently developed, predominantly from solo or 2-person teams; beyond ensuring that students are well-read in contemporary independent games, this course is also designed to show students what tiny teams with limited resources can - and can't - accomplish.