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Born in Monza, Italy in 1980, Matteo Pozzi began his career as a game journalist in the early 2000s while pursuing a B.A. in Journalism, Publishing, and Multimedia Communication in Milan. In 2011, he launched We Are Müesli with Claudia Molinari, an independent game studio focusing on award-winning narrative games that have been exhibited at SXSW, Indiecade, the Global Game Jam, and many more places around the world. Additionally, Matteo has been working as a freelance screenwriter since 2006, mainly on sitcoms for Disney Channel Italy but also on different TV genres and ongoing productions, short formats, and branded content for several clients and channels. He also collaborated with the Italian service design company Logotel from 2008 to 2014 as a copywriter on communication projects and chief editor of Weconomy, an editorial platform about collaborative innovation and sharing economy. As a content editor, he took part in three collective exhibitions for the Milan Design Week (Making Together in 2012, (In)visible Design in 2013 and award-winning Timescapes in 2014) and contributed to the launch of Made in Lambrate (2014).


Course: GAME WRITING (2017-2018)

The creation of novel storytelling strategies for digital games is one of the key issues in game development. Narrative games build bridges between dramatic writing for theatre and film, television, and game design, and opens new avenues for new types of writing for digital media. GAME WRITING is a hands-on course that focuses on games that include a strong storytelling component, providing the opportunity to do interdisciplinary work. This course introduces students to the design of narrative games, including conceptualization, foundational narrative design strategies, and writing. Throughout the course of the year, students will learn how to use different tools and engines to develop narrative games; they will work individually and in teams. GAME WRITING uses the adventure game genre as a gateway to the general strategies used to incorporate narrative in games.