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Cofondatore di Cardboard Computer, Jake Elliott è autore, programmatore e designer di Kentucky Route Zero. La sua pratica autoriale è caratterizzata da uno spiccato interesse per i testi ludici, la stimolazione riflessiva e il dramma su scala umana. Ha insegnato game design, programmazione e animazione sperimentale presso la School of the Art Institute di Chicago, la DePaul University e la Northwestern University. Vive nel Kentucky..

Jake Elliott is co-founder of Cardboard Computer, where he is a writer, programmer, and designer on the game Kentucky Route Zero. His work is characterized by playful text, reflective pacing, and human-scale drama. He has taught videogame design, programming, and experimental animation at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, DePaul University and Northwestern University. He lives in central Kentucky.



GAME WRITING is a hands-on study of the many ways text and writing can figure into videogame design -- branching dialog, narrative design, hypertext fiction, and text as digital material. The course combines technical tutorial with writer's workshop. Students will learn the writing-centric scripting language Ink, and how to integrate it in to their own larger projects. Games and other playful texts, electronic and otherwise will be also analyzed and discussed in class.