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Auriea Harvey is co-founder of Tale of Tales. Net art pioneers, she and Michael Samyn have been creating award winning independent games and digital artworks together for over 17 years. From multiplayer deer screen-saver The Endless Forest to IGF Nuovo prize winning sex game Luxuria Superbia to the extreme politics of Sunset to technicolor horror fairy tale The Path; Auriea has designed, modeled, and experimented with the medium of polygons inside game engines. Her philosophy is to do whatever it takes, whatever she can, to get across a concept. Using digital and analog techniques, drawing from diverse cultural references, she creates works of subtle (and not so subtle) expression. Her emphasis is always on what it means to be human with your finger on the button. She is currently creating paintings, sculptures, and experiments with VR in Ghent, Belgium.


COURSE: GAME LAB (2017-2018)

Game creation and production are multidisciplinary endeavours that benefit from experimentation and the application of innovative techniques and approaches borrowed from science and art. In GAME LAB, students will be introduced to a selection of non-traditional techniques that artists have been using to create games: camera-assisted 3D sculpting, DIY motion capture experiments, visual scripting,the integration of real world captures into computer generated worlds, and more. The instructor will introduce the students to these tools to rapidly prototype experimental ideas and to integrate these techniques into their projects.