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Thursday September 19

from 11.30 until 12.00

Aula Seminari, IULM 1, sixth floor

Via Carlo Bo 1, 20143, Milan, Italy (directions)

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Join us on September 19 at 11:30 to learn more about the Master of Arts in Game Design at IULM University!

Within the context of game design, IULM offers a groundbreaking one-year, full-time, English-only, studio-based Master of Arts (M.A.) program located in the center of Milan (“Best City in the World for Design”, according to Wallpaper* magazine, 2018). Specifically intended for students interested in creating innovative games and interactive experiences, this Program will lead graduates to advanced work in game design and new media production. Students from diverse backgrounds in visual and performing arts, architecture, science, humanities, and engineering are encouraged to apply.

The Game Design M.A. program features some of the most talented designers, scholars, and authors working today who are highly committed to their research, practice, and teaching. It provides all the tools and skills needed for the development, distribution, and exhibition of cutting edge games and interactive experiences. Its instructional model is focused on nine core tracks and constant interaction with world-renowned faculty, visiting scholars, and group critiques with instructors and peers. Students will also take courses in game studies that address critical and aesthetic practices. Truly interdisciplinary in nature, the Game Design M.AProgram supports collaboration and meaningful exchange between the school’s different departments. 

Over the course of the year, students will work individually or in teams to brainstorm, research, design, and develop a digital game which will become their final project and that will be submitted to international competitions and festivals. 

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MASTER DAY 2019-2.png

Giovedì 19 settembre 2019

dalle ore 11.30 alle ore 12.00

Aula Seminari, IULM 1, Sesto piano

Via Carlo Bo 1, 20143, Milano (come arrivare)

Unico nel suo genere in Europa, il Master Universitario in Game Design è indirizzato a studenti desiderosi di creare esperienze ludiche e interattive di altissimo livello, capaci di comunicare idee ed emozioni profonde attraverso il gameplay. 

Il programma propone nove moduli tenuti da sviluppatori di videogiochi professionisti, designer, artisti e accademici di fama internazionale e fornisce tutti gli strumenti necessari per intraprendere una carriera nel settore videoludico. Gli studenti acquisiranno una piena familiarità con la produzione di giochi creativi, artistici e sperimentali e le arti visive digitali. 

Durante l’anno accademico, gli studenti lavoreranno da soli o in team per progettare, sviluppare, realizzare, promuovere e distribuire un videogame o un’esperienza interattiva da sottoporre a competizioni e festival internazionali.

Il Master ha una durata di circa dieci mesi a prevede una frequentazione obbligatoria di tre giorni alla settimana. La valutazione finale dei corsisti si basa sulle competenze acquisite nei vari corsi e sulla realizzazione di un progetto finale che consiste in un videogioco o un’esperienza interattiva. L’iscrizione è aperta a studenti provenienti da ambiti disciplinari eterogenei, tra cui arti visive e performative, materie umanistiche, architettura, design e ingegneria, ma anche a professionisti che abbiano acquisito delle competenze significative sul campo.

All’Università IULM si gioca sul serio.

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The rumors are true: We are delighted to announce that Jake Elliott has joined the M.A. program in Game Design at IULM University. In the 2018-2019 academic year, Jake will teach GAME WRITING.

Jake Elliott is co-founder of Cardboard Computer, where he is a writer, programmer, and designer on the game Kentucky Route Zero. His work is characterized by playful text, reflective pacing, and human-scale drama. He has been designing nonviolent, slow-paced, narrative games since early 2010. In 2011, his game A House in California was a finalist in the IGF's Nuovo category. Around that time, Jake co-founded game studio Cardboard Computer with Tamas Kemenczy, and started working on our first game, Kentucky Route Zero. Jake has taught videogame design, programming, and experimental animation at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, DePaul University and Northwestern University. He lives in central Kentucky. Read more about Jake’s projects here.

GAME WRITING is a hands-on study of the many ways text and writing can figure into videogame design -- branching dialog, narrative design, hypertext fiction, and text as digital material. The course combines technical tutorial with writer's workshop. Students will learn the writing-centric scripting language Ink, and how to integrate it in to their own larger projects. Games and other playful texts, electronic and otherwise will be also analyzed and discussed in class.