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March 15, 2018

2-4 pm

Sala Cascina Moncucco

Cascina Moncucco, IULM

Via Moncucco 29/31 , 20142 Milano, Italy

A Game Design Workshop organized by We Are Muesli (Claudia Molinari and Matteo Pozzi)

An official event of MILANO DIGITAL WEEK 2018


Game Concept Workshop: Drawing from your identity to make unique games

Our own identity is inevitably reflected into the games we make. Personal life and anecdotes, 'zeitgeist', culture, country and family of origin, all these diverse elements of identity are getting more and more visible as themes for story-driven games, either autobiographical or historically-set.But what if we try to apply the notion of our identity as gamemakers not only to the aesthetics/semantics of a game concept but to its very mechanics? Goal of the workshop is to collectively experiment such a different approach by taking a two-hour 'round trip' through concept generation. First, analysing conventional game genres and mechanics and finding narrative elements that connect them to our identity; then, moving backwards elaborating and enriching different game mechanics by drawing from these narrative elements and from our own identity.

Game Concept Workshop: un viaggio nell’identità per progettare videogiochi unici

L’identità di un creativo si riflette inevitabilmente nei suoi progetti. Vita personale, aneddoti, cultura, paese e famiglia d'origine: cosa succede quando proviamo ad applicare questi diversi elementi di identità alla progettazione delle meccaniche di un videogioco (game design)? L'obiettivo del workshop è di sperimentare collettivamente questo approccio, attingendo ai nostri ricordi ed esperienze per generare idee di meccaniche di gioco alternative, e concept unici e non convenzionali. Concepito come un "viaggio di andata e ritorno", il workshop è strutturato in due fasi: prima, l'analisi di generi e meccaniche di gioco consolidate per individuarne gli elementi narrativi che li possono collegare alla nostra identità; poi, la loro rielaborazione creativa sotto forma di nuovi concept di gioco.




Between June 27 and July 3, the Palazzo dei Giureconsulti of Milan hosted the first edition of the Class Digital Experience Week, featuring three different exhibitions.

One of the was ARTCADE, curated by Matteo Bittanti and Italo Rota, which centered on indie games developed by Milestone, Paolo Pedercini, Santa Ragione, and We Are Muesli

The event also featured several talks by Italian game designers and game artist. Matteo Bittanti also discussed the innovative Master's Program GAME/PLAY in a lecture titled "The (im)possible history of Italian Game Design".

Read more on the official ARTCADE website.



Paolo Pedercini's games explore the relationship between electronic entertainment and ideology. Paolo is one of GAME/PLAY's guest speakers.

Paolo Pedercini (b. 1981, Italy) lives in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and teaches an experimental game design class at Carnegie Mellon University. He often works under the project name “molleindustria” producing video games addressing various social issues such as environmentalism, food politics, labor and gender. His work has been exhibited in proper art contexts from over seventeen countries around the world. He lectured in several universities in Europe and the United States in venues ranging from the oldest squat in Italy to the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Paolo’s work has been received wide international coverage by major media including The Guardian, El Pais, BBC, Liberation, Der Standard, The New York Times, Washington Post, Business Week, Playboy Brazil, ARTE’ TV, The Times among others.