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JUNE 20 2018/20 GIUGNO 2018

Aula seminari

Università IULM (IULM 1)

Via Carlo Bo, 1

20143 Milan




In this talk, members of the collective AAA (Merle Leufgen, Gabriel Helfenstein, Troy Duguid, Chloe Langford, Jessica Palmer) will present their work and reflect on their collaborative practices which intent to propose an alternative to the often accepted thinking that the way we live and organize society is the only possible way. The aim of the talk will be to show how games and collaborative exchange in game development can help break the inertia resulting from the perceived lack of possibles disrupting the current status quo - in our everyday lives as well as in the production of art.

Active in Berlin, the AAA Collective comprises artists, designers, and creators from all over the world. Its founding members are Merle Leufgen, a software artist, curator and independent researcher, Gabriel Helfenstein, a French transmedia artist, curator, and writer, Troy Duguid, and Australian artist working with game engines, and Jessica Palmer, a Canadian multimedia artist interested in neuroscience. For more information about AAA Collective, please click here.