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Today, Affinity Project's Creative Director Diego Ricchiuti and Gameplay Programmer Carlo Simetti gave a lecture for the students of the Master of Arts in Game Design. Based in Bergamo, Italy, Affinity Project is currently developing the "first ever donation game". Due for a Fall 2018 release, Don-Ay is an endless runner in which players guide cartoon animal characters through courses littered with hurdles, obstacles, and hazards, with a Tamagotchi-style mode allowing them to nurture for and customize their creature. The more the players engage with the game, the more they can raise money for charity through non-invasive, disruptive ways.

Affinity project,  Don-Ay , 2018 (expected)

Affinity project, Don-Ay, 2018 (expected)

In the second part of the workshop, Diego and Carlo provided great feedback to the students who are now in crunch mode - their final projects are due by the end of July. Before launching Affinity Project, Diego worked at Techland and Ubisoft. Affinity Project was founded by Ivan Paris and now features a team of 10+ members. Their HQ is located in Bergamo.