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Curated by GAME/PLAY's program Coordinator, Pietro Righi Riva, the first edition of the Milano Game Festival will take place at IULM University in Milan, Italy every night from the 8th to the 12th of September 2016. Also involved in the production is Paolo Tajé, who teaches the GAME STUDIO class.

"Five evenings of play that will take place along the lines of a film festival, including the participations of international guests and premieres – the Milan Game Festival is dedicated to the curious, to film and media art fans, and to those looking for an intelligent and original entertainment experience.  The Milan Game Festival offers an entirely new format for enjoying videos games: a real play hall with many seats, similar to a movie theater, in which to dedicate the right amount of time to enjoying immersive interactive experience. All participants play the same game at the same time, and will share a common experience to discuss and remember.  Part of the XXI Triennale, Milano Game Festival exemplifies "Design After Design" in digital art and in interactive storytelling. The festival is a celebration of a new kind of authorial design – cultured and radically independent – in one of the most technology ­driven industries: video games." (Milano Game Festival)

Featuring ABZÛ, Gorogoa, Possum Springs, Future Unfolding, and The Town of Light.

Additionally, every night, before playing the game from the main selection, participants will be able to try a selection of experimental games produced by internationally renowned authors.

LINK: Milano Game Festival