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Andrea Basilio è Direttore Creativo di Great Lunar Wall, uno studio di sviluppo indipendente di Milano. Andrea è un appassionato di videogiochi e avido giocatore sin dall'età di quattordici anni, quando ha giocato per la prima volta a Metal Gear Solid: questa esperienza lo ha spinto a fare della creazione di videogiochi il suo sogno e la sua vocazione. Dopo alcune esperienze nel settore del giornalismo videoludico, Andrea si è unito a uno sviluppatore indie italiano. Ha quindi conseguito una Laurea in videogame design presso la University of Wales, in Gran Bretagna. Ha lavorato come game designer freelance per diversi studi in Italia e in Inghilterra, dove ha lavorato su diversi progetti come lead game designer e game director. Dal 2016, Andrea ha affiancato allo sviluppo la didattica, lavorando come docente presso la Event Horizon School of Digital Art.

Andrea Basilio is Creative Director at Great Lunar Wall, an indie game company located in Milan. Andrea is a videogame enthusiast and an avid gamer, at the age of fourteen he played Metal Gear Solid for the first time and this experience alone, inspired him to make creating videogames his dream and vocation. Originally kicking off his videogame journey as a videogame journalist, Andrea then moved on to working with an Italian indie developer, before pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in videogame design at University of Wales, in Great Britain. He works as a freelance game designer for several studios in Italy and UK, where he has worked on different projects as a lead game designer and game director. Since 2016, Andrea has been nurturing the next generation of aspiring game designers, working as an instructor at Event Horizon School of Digital Art.

COURSE: GAME PLAN (2019-2020)

GAME PLAN provides an overview of practical and technical tools to create effective presentations in the classroom, special events like festivals, talks or workshops, or in a job setting. Scheduled in the last part of the year, right before the submission of the final project, this extended workshop provides students with all the tools, skills, and techniques they need to create a killer presentation. Among the topics examined are: planning and designing a presentation, color palettes, type, image selection, slide design, delivery and performance, feedback.